WhatsApp New Trick For Android Mobile User

WhatsApp New Trick For Android Mobile User. WaControl – Tracker For Whatsapp. The best app to track, compare and analyze WhatsApp users online activity. Did you ever need to know and analyze the most popular time for your friends or colleagues to be online? Or get immideately notified about someone going online when you really wait for them to be? Or maybe to check and compare the online presence of your loved ones or family members? WaControl could be a perfect match for your messenger tracking needs.

WaControl app does not abuse WhatsApp users privacy. All the information in our app relies on publicly open data collected from WhatsApp and doesn’t violate its policies in any way.

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Have you ever been worried about your children wasting their free time in social networks? Or even worse, learning from braggart social media influencers or strange people you don’t know? Our children are rather teachable and their mind could easily get under the influence of elder more experienced people. Soon they will start behaving like their idols. If you are caring parent who is interested in bringing up your children educated and without bad habits you need some parent control tools.

Would you like to know when you child goes online and offline, how much time spends per day or month in social media? Then we’ve got a solution for you! We provide you Whatson – brand new parent control tool for WhatsApp. Since now you have your own personal spy in the Android device proving you the latest statistics. WhatsApp New Trick For Android Mobile User

Smartphone Amazing Trick for Designer Tool

  • see person’s last seen online time
  • observe online time intervals in a handy clock view
  • get notified when a person goes online and offline
  • monitor up to 10 profiles
  • analyze person’s online activity for the last 30 days

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