WhatsApp Best Amazing Tricks 2021

WhatsApp Best Amazing Tricks 2021 | WhatsApp Tracker | Logify, designed for parents, Logify offers you child or wife’s online status on the phone. Keep track of your child’s online times. Asleep? or didn’t sleep? Get instant notifications and detailed reports.

Do you wonder when your children are sleeping or awakening? When was your child online? Analyze activities with online tracking. Get notifications when online.

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Online and offline report notifications

  • You are immediately informed of all activities
  • You can easily manage online and offline notifications.

Detailed reports with charts day by day

  • Track all past activities of the user you follow.
  • Daily, hourly, and also by minutes detailed follow-up reports..

WhatsApp Best Amazing Tricks 2021

Last Seen

  • Closed the last seen or blocked you, you can follow his/her last seen.
  • You can view how many times she/he logs in during the day and how long she/he stays online. WhatsApp Best Amazing Tricks 2021

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