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Smartphone User Awesome Trick | WhatsApp Update | Trying to control the time you spent on social networks and online messengers? This application is the best app to get online status. Whats Tracker allows you to keep an eye on your, or your families’ online activity, last seen on WhatsApp. Are your children asleep or chatting with someone? Is he or she online past bedtime? You can check it by using

Whats Tracker Try for free now Whatsapp Tracker! This app does not abuse WhatsApp privacy policy and terms of usage. It does not hack accounts in any way.

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Family is one of the most important aspects of our lives, so knowing they are safe online gives us peace of mind. WhenSeen will help you by showing you the last time your kids logged into WhatsApp and let you know how much time they spent in the messaging app.
With WhenSeen, you can perform parental control for your children, see their last seen times and receive instant notifications when the person is online.

Do you want to check how much time your children are spending online? Do you want to know when they get online and offline? Do you want to control their excess screen time? Then Whats Tracker is here to help you.

With Whats Tracker you will get notification as son as your kid get online. You can also check how many time and for how much duration they remain online in detailed reports. Smartphone User Awesome Trick | WhatsApp Update. Smartphone User Awesome Trick | WhatsApp Update

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