New virus in China – Tick borne Virus Spreads

New virus in China – Tick borne Virus Spreads | A new infectious disease caused by the tick-borne virus has killed seven people and infected 60 other people in China.

Official media reported here on Wednesday, warning about the possibility of human-to-human transmission Granted.

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New virus in China - Tick borne Virus Spreads

More than 37 people contracted with SFTS virus in East China’s Jiangsu province in the first half of the year. Later, 23 people were found infected in Anhui province in eastern China, state-run Global Times cited media reports.

A woman from Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu, who was suffering from the virus, began symptoms such as fever, cough. Doctors noticed a drop of leukocyte, blood platelets inside her body. He was discharged from the hospital after a month of treatment.According to the report, at least seven people have died in Anhui and eastern China’s Zhejiang province.

New virus in China – Tick borne Virus Spreads. SFTS virus is not a new virus. China isolated the pathogen of the virus in 2011, and it belongs to the genus Bivirus.

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