Android Mobile Useful App 2023 NotiGuy

Android Mobile Useful App 2023 NotiGuy | Notifications pop-up styling on Android is boring and old style! For years it has been just a circled image with a text next to it.
NotiGuy breaks this stereotyped style with many modern styles for notifications that will refresh your phone look and feel!

Basically, a dynamic notch island, but with many unique features: Ability to replace the system heads up so only the island will be shown. Customize notification styles to replace the old-style Android heads up notifications with many refreshing and modern styles with animations.

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Notification light effects like borders, glow, shake and an animated edge lighting around the island. Notification ring around camera cutout which is interactive. Shows the dynamic notification even while screen is Off or On and system Always On Display is supported as well.

Focus mode to blur the screen background except the expanded notification which gives a more modern feeling to the phone. Can be used as a notification LED indicator next to camera hole and coloured per app, also may be used to represent other events like charging indicator and music play. Android Mobile Useful App 2023 NotiGuy

dynamicSpot enables a Dynamic Island heads-up notification popup, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone status changes and indicates new notifications like a notification light / LED The app replaces androids heads-up / peek notification popups with the iOS version!

Android Mobile Useful App 2023 NotiGuy

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