Android Mobile Best Trick For Fast Charging

Android Mobile Best Trick For Fast Charging | Fast Charging Pro (Speed up). Do you feel your phone charge very slowly and drain the battery very fast during use?

The reason is that while charging the phone, applications and services running in the background still work. These include WiFi wireless network connections, mobile data, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS services, etc.These services continue to drain battery power, making the charging process take a long time.

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Fast charger – Phone Charging, Battery Optimizer app will help you solve this problem!

With just one tap, the application will help you search and turn off processes running in the background, disconnecting all network connections, GPS, 3G, .. making charging faster. No need to take any action from you. Android Mobile Best Trick For Fast Charging

Fast charging is very simple, just one tap and the application will automatically find, evaluate and take action with processes that are using a lot of battery. You can set many advanced options in the settings of the application.

The application is integrated with many of the most advanced optimization technologies for Android, can automatically set the optimal mode when plugged in, give a warning when the battery is too low or the temperature is too high …

Android Mobile Best Trick For Fast Charging


✔ Fast charger and safe charging with just one tap.

✔ Automatically cleans applications that consume excessive battery power.

✔ Clean RAM, reduce screen brightness, battery booster.

✔ Automatically Turn off unnecessary connections and services.

✔ Warning when the battery is low or too hot.

✔ Optimizing battery usage, helping to save battery life.

✔ Automatically optimizes when phone charger.

✔ Display information about battery: voltage, temperature, capacity and battery health status, battery charger history.

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