Android Mobile Best Secret App Fake Switch off

Android Mobile Best Secret App Fake Switch off | No one prepares for emergencies or a lost / stolen phone, but it happens to most of us. Prevent these emergencies with an anti-theft and a lost phone finder app. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Hammer is a lost phone finder that will ensure anyone who steals your phone ends up in trouble by turning on the emergency alert. Even if they power it off or enable airplane mode. It will secretly take photos of the intruder, and send it to your email. It also has a phone tracker to help find lost phones.

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Hammer is the FIRST Smart Security app in the world: It detects emergencies without any action of yours. The same emergency SOS or the same criminal will activate the alarm without even knowing. Android Mobile Best Secret App Fake Switch off

Hammer is equipped with a Panic Button, Fake Shutdown, Fake Airplane Mode, App Lock with an Emergency PIN, Car Collision Detector, Intruder Detector, Low-battery SMS & a Website to control your phone remotely (access to the camera, audio, location, etc). All these focused on sending a safety alert & SOS to your family.

  • 5 years becoming experts in the insecurity problem.
  • Realistic: We know 80% of the time you will not be able to send an SOS or trigger a Panic Button to notify your emergency contacts, this is why we do it automatically.
  • We have interviewed 1000+ families & crime victims.
  • We worry about your privacy. Your Emergency Contacts will get critical information from you ONLY in emergencies.

Android Mobile Best Secret App Fake Switch off

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